Video Samples

On this page are several examples of projects and videos that I have put together during my time with the El Paso Chihuahuas and while in school at Marietta College.  With each of these examples I have either directed, produced, written, filmed, edited, voiced, or appeared. Some projects I have done a combination of these and with other projects I have done all of them.  I have been able to gain a wide set of skills and have been able to improve on them by working on numerous and different projects.  The last video on this page is a complication of Public Service Announcements that I have produced, scripted,  and voiced.

The order that the videos appear in is based on my personal feelings of satisfaction of the video, feedback from viewers and my supervisor.


Produced, edited, directed, scripted, and filmed this video to show on the Chihuahuas social media for Halloween 2016.


Filmed and edited this video to help promote the Boxing Match that Southwest University Park hosted in 2016.  I also ran cable and help set up the audio connections for this press conference.


After the team won the Conference Championship in the PCL Playoffs in 2016 we greeted them at the airport.  I interviewed several fans, players, and the manager live on our social media.  This is part one of three.


This project is one of the largest that I have worked on.  I scripted, helped edit, produce, direct and also acted in this video that was used on social media and in-game for Singles’ Night 2017.


In celebration of March Madness 2017 I produced, directed and edited this video of the Chihuahuas Mascot making his bracket selections for social media.  This was used to help promote our fan bracket challenge as well.  I developed the fan bracket challenge with the Chihuahuas as an intern in 2016 and in 2017 there was an increase of roughly 25% in participants.


2017 team meet and greet with fans prior to the game.  This appeared in-game and on social media.  Filmed, and edited.


Developed this idea for our As Seen on TV night in 2017.  Once again I helped script, edited and produce the video for social media.  I also did the voice over.


This was one of the craziest plays that I’ve been able to witness and took place in 2016.  I interviewed the pitcher who was on the mound for the play.  The original play went viral and was picked up by several sport outlets.


The Durango Street Bridge Art Project is one of the largest community outreach efforts put forth by the Chihuahuas.  I was fortunate enough to be able document it, interview the lead artist, and several community members who helped add to the artwork in their own way.  This took place in the spring of 2017.  The video was used in-game and on social media to help raise awareness of the effort and to promote it.


This is the original 60 second promo video that I put out to help promote the bridge project.


Another video that I scripted, edited and produced during the season in 2017 for the Chihuahuas As Seen On TV night.  It appeared in-game and on social media.



This video was the largest project I worked on prior to being hired by the Chihuahuas.  I produced this video for the Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce’s 100th Annual Dinner.  I edited, filmed, researched, interviewed, scripted, and voiced parts of the video.  It was a several month long project, but it was a very rewarding experience.  The final product well received by those in attendance at the dinner.

This video is one that was filmed and produced by myself and other students at Marietta College that are apart of WCMO-TV in a collaborative.  The purpose of this project was to document the 2014 edition of Pioneer Madness, which took place October 24.  For this project my involvement includes filming, conducting interviews, editing, and producing the project.

This video that I’ve included is a sample of work is one where I was the director.  This was a big production for WCMO-TV and the video is only part of the complete production that we put on.  Partnered with the League of Women Voters we held several debates for the local elections.  This segment was for a seat in the House of Representatives and was picked up by CSPAN.  Afterwards several people commented that this was the best production of the debates that they had seen in the ten plus years of WCMO producing them.  It went on to be recognized by peers at the 2015 National Broadcasting Convention.

This video I produced the spring of my Junior year.  This was for my Corporate Video class.  The assignment was to create a instructional video and I decided to make one on the basic fundamentals of baseball.  I “hosted” the segment, did the voice over, and wrote the script.

This video below is five 30 second radio PSAs that I wrote, voiced, edited, and produced.

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